The Fertility Journey – Time Part One

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Time – Instincts and Biological Response

Sidebar – For every rule, there’s an exception.  Nothing is written in stone.  If any information doesn’t resonate with you, move on. 

1:00 – Source information

Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD

Alison Armstrong www.understandingmen.com


Hormones and brain chemistry combined with instinctual reactions encourage women to have babies. The messages of estrogen are especially strong and primes our brain to be […]

The Fertility Journey – How to pick a clinic

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Time on video 1.10 minute

This is a long video.  I’m writing cliffs note with time markers for the video, so you can find what you want to listen to.

This video is for the woman who is ready to utilize Western Medicine to conceive.  At this juncture, you will be seeking a visit with a Reproductive Endrocrologist (RE) at an IVF (invitro fertilization clinic) to explore your fertility and what type of treatments you […]

Starting the Fertility Journey – Visiting Your OB

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Starting the Journey

I’ve been in this business for 15yrs and recently I’ve become aware of the lack of good solid information for women dealing with conception issues.    

This video is targeted for the woman who are at the beginning point of understanding why they are not getting pregnant.

Generally, most women will go to their OB as their first step in identifying a potential fertility problem. 

Your OB is a great step if […]