Fertility, Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diet

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Acupuncture for fertility and wellness Conception rates are not effected by a gluten diet. Try acupuncture and Chinese herbs for fertility.

Fertility and Sterility published an article on a hot topic – does Celiac Disease impact IVF conception rates?

There is little information on the correlation of infertility, miscarriage, gluten free diet and the risk of IgA/Celiac Disease.

The below research article did an amazing job of analyzing the topic of IgA markers/Celiac Disease, gluten free diet and conception rates IVF cycles.

To briefly explain IgA – IgA antibodies are found in the mucous membranes of […]

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GMO hot potatoe topic.

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GMO foods can impact fertility in future generations. GMO food induced tumors and infertility.

GMO’s are making the news again.  Genetically modified foods (GMO) is becoming a growing concern to Californians who will be voting on labeling food products containing GMO’s.  Why are people getting upset over GMO’s?    More and more research is presenting health issues related to consuming food grown from GMO seeds.

First, I must put it out there…I’ve read some of the research against GMO’s.  It’s not the best research and it leaves me hesitant to […]

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Caffeine from a Chinese Medicine View

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How to Improve Your Fertility. Learn how Chinese Medicine views the consumption of coffee.

This week I’ll be discussing how caffeine impacts your fertility through the Chinese medicine lens.

The Chinese medicine energetic view of caffeine:

  1.  Caffeine has the ability to circulate our body’s energy.  That’s why when we are tired; coffee feels like a perk me up.  We feel energized by caffeine; our bodies have the get up and go after a cup of Joe.  This feeling is the movement of our body’s energy from caffeine’s […]
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Fertility without Milk: Part one – A Phlegmy Problem

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Visited an acupuncturist to improve your fertility? In the treatment process I bet you have been told by your practitioner to remove dairy products from your diet. From a Chinese medicine view, the majority of fertility clients present with damp/phlegm and dairy enhances the buildup of this energetic issue. Yes, dairy includes yogurt, milk, butter and cheese.

What is phlegm/damp? Chinese medicine observes how energy flows and issues that block it. One of the major energy blockers is damp/phlegm which hinders moving/circulating energy in the body. A visual description of phlegm/damp: the gooey […]

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