Unexplained infertility involves tons of testing and/or surgical exploration with no clarification of why you can’t conceive. Hormonal levels are normal, cycle is regular and you have positive OPK testing results, but still no baby. Most women are aware that “something is wrong” but no one will listen to their concerns. Most clients are encouraged in the direction of ART procedures or told to go home and keep trying.

Another explanation exists besides the mysterious “unexplained infertility”. From an Eastern perspective unexplained simply means certain parts of the reproductive system are not optimally functioning and once back into balance conception can occur. Messages given by a woman’s body are a powerful tool to explain and treat “unexplained infertility”. Women will describe physical symptoms occurring each month in their cycle, which are indicators of hormonal problems potentially impacting fertility.

Here are some examples of symptoms and their hormonal indicators:

Physical Issues:

  • Cramping/spotting around ovulation – cyst formation
  • PMS – bloating, breast tenderness, cramps, spotting, fatigue, feeling cold – the body is unable to clear estrogen properly or too low progesterone.
  • Menstrual irregularities – clots, cramps, heaving bleeding, very pale/watery menstrual blood – too high progesterone attempting to maintain lining or low estrogen producing inadequate uterine lining.
  • Fertile Cervical Mucus – either lacking or missing – Poor estrogen levels or infection blocking cervical glands
  • Skin Problems – such as acne, dermatitis and psoriasis – indications of autoimmune issues or hormonal over activity.

Emotional Issues:

  • Anxiety or depression – causing stress hormones to be released and affecting the reproductive system.
  • Insomnia – changing brain chemistry and affecting the release of key brain hormones impacting the reproductive system.

Base Basal Temperature Charting with poor temperature readings:

  • Low luteal phase temperatures, but testing is negative for luteal phase defect – poor progesterone receptor activity or reduced corpus luteum functioning.
  • A chart with spikes and dips in the follicular phase – reproductive hormones not being secreted in a consistent manner or thyroid problems.
  • Slow rising temperatures around ovulation – weak LH surging.
  • Temperatures dropping below the cover line in the luteal phase – poor pumping by corpus luteum.

During treatment it is important to have your input and listen to the messages given by your body. The body presents with powerful clues to address hormonal cues to enhance your fertility. Once you are introduced to this different viewpoint, unexplained infertility sudden becomes clear. Chinese medicine can open a new world and bring hope to a confusing struggle for couples. Gain the power of understanding to heal your body, enhance your fertility and create a space for conception to occur.

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