• Poor milk supply
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Pelvic and low back pain

Acupuncture for anxiety and fatigue – Recovering from unstable hormones and a change in life.

After giving birth, hormones can be unstable resulting in many post pregnancy issues. Women will notice the pregnancy glow disappears, leaving them fatigue or depressed. Others notice hot flashing or night sweating. Acupuncture can be successful in leveling out hormonal symptoms without interfering with breast feeding.

The most common difficulty in postpartum is anxiety – as moms are adjusting to a new life with their bundle of joy. Acupuncture supports the body by promoting the release of your own stress relieving hormones to sooth symptoms so you are at ease and able to focus on your new exciting life. Sessions will also involve food recommendations and magnet seed placement to provide assistance between acupuncture treatments.

Another common post pregnancy hitch is difficulty with producing breast milk. Poor lactation brings up many mixed emotions as breasting feeding should be “easy”. When breast milk starts to taper off most women don’t know there is help. Acupuncture can unblock and promote milk production for lactation issues. Please note: there is an optimal window for treatment; the best opportunity to respond to the acupuncture should be under 8 weeks from the onset of the lactation issue.

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