Acupuncture has gained acceptance in modern medicine through research documenting its success with improving pregnancy rates for IVF. Studies continue to indicate a positive effect for women receiving acupuncture during and after their IVF cycles.

When you combine acupuncture with IVF to improve your fertility at Ridgefield Acupuncture, you will have a practitioner who understands the protocols documented in the research. You will be treated with the protocol most appropriate to your ovarian response (either Doa or Paulus) with adjunct electrical stimulation. All research clearly lays out the following positive effects of acupuncture on IVF for improved fertility:

  • Improved oocyte maturation
  • Improved uterine perfusion
  • Improved implantation
  • Improved ongoing pregnancies
  • Reduced miscarriages

Plus, you will have support through all the ups and downs of IVF. Acupuncture can lessen drug associated side effects, such as bloating, night sweats and insomnia without any interference. Ridgefield Acupuncture has supported women in over 150 IVF cycles and understands all the drug protocols, medical procedures and possible outcomes. Couples are assisted in their questions and guided from beginning to end.

When stepping into IVF, know you don’t have to feel overwhelmed – lighten the worry and fear of a milestone procedure with acupuncture. Come in and find a quiet place for your mind and body with Ridgefield Acupuncture.

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