If your baby is breached, moxibustion can help to turn your baby. The technique involves burning an herb above the small toe and has been shown to be an effective method of turning a breeched baby. More OBGYN’s are referring clients with breached babies to acupuncturists for this corrective modality. To obtain the best results, treatment should begin in week 34 -36 of pregnancy. During this prime time the baby is small enough in the uterus to allow ample room for movement. As your pregnancy progresses, it becomes more difficult to turn the baby as it much larger. Turning a baby with Chinese medicine is not completely understood, but it appears the treatment releases hormones that stimulate the uterus to relax and increase baby movement.

Treatment involves 1 or 2 treatments in a week, followed by an ultrasound to verify if the baby has turned. Depending on when the treatment process has started, additional treatments might follow.

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