Have you been trying to conceive? Month after month you still get your period? Have you visited your Gynecologist/Reproductive Specialist and all the tests come back normal? This is not an uncommon situation. Many couples reach a point of frustration and fear when conception has not occurred. Some women blame their bodies for failing and deceiving them for years. Others feel the emotional pressure is heavy, overpowering your view of life and crushing hopes for the future.

For the most part couples are overwhelmed with all the information in the media and become confused with making informed decisions about the next step. The majority want an environment where big decisions are made with the input of a professional who understands your condition and empowers your steps to having a baby. They want to work on improving their own body’s health and investigate the smaller complexities of the problem. Couples want to be empowered before delving into the reproductive medicine world.

There is an option.

What does the option provide?

  • Education on understanding fertility signals and when the signals should occur.
  • Dietary advice to implement health eating habits to promote fertility.
  • Balancing hormones and smoothing out hormonally based symptoms.
  • A professional to answer all your questions.
  • Supplements tailored to your fertility case.
  • A healing modality which encourages and supports the client through the emotional roller coaster.

If conception has not occurred within an appropriate time period, the client has optimized their fertility and the practitioner can refer the client to a network of reproductive doctors.

Ridgefield Acupuncture is that option. Starting at the initial session where an extensive history is taken so recommendations can be made to improve ovulation and address sperm issues. From the history intake, the couple will learn and understand health symptoms and how it is tied to fertility. Dietary guidance and supplements will be discussed.

The client is a major player in the process — not a bystander. With each follow up session, the couple’s current health is reviewed and the client is informed of all progress in the treatment plan. Strong emphasis is placed on working with a woman’s body is to promote proper hormonal cues and signaling to the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovarian axis.

As time progresses, couples will learn techniques to increase pelvic blood flow, breathing steps to relax and have answers to all their questions.

Even if you don’t get pregnant with acupuncture, your body will be primed to start IUI/IVf, as hormonal imbalances can impact IUI/IVF results. You will be educated about your first visit to the reproductive clinic and what to expect.

Come and get support before the frustration and fear takes you down. Conceiving naturally might take some thought to be successful. Learning new dietary habits, adding supplements and understanding fertility cues will give you the power to potentially conceive. Let Chinese medicine be the guide for your body/spirit to take hold of new patterns for a pregnancy to blossom.

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