Time – Instincts and Biological Response

Sidebar – For every rule, there’s an exception.  Nothing is written in stone.  If any information doesn’t resonate with you, move on. 

1:00 – Source information

Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD

Alison Armstrong www.understandingmen.com


Hormones and brain chemistry combined with instinctual reactions encourage women to have babies. The messages of estrogen are especially strong and primes our brain to be maternal, connective to our man and desire a baby. There’s a part of us that is primed and driven to have children.  This response is based upon the survival of humanity to have babies.

What is playing into your fear?  Your instincts.  It’s built into our DNA to make babies.  It’s a deep calling to our being and the nature of who woman are – that running out time and never having a baby is powerfully frightening.


Instincts – behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level. AKA subconscious. 

Biological Response – An arousal of the body’s response to an internal hormonal secretion.


Example – Hugging a baby causes the woman’s brain to secret hormones that encourage a woman to desire a baby of her own.


Biological response inside a woman’s body.  Brain releases FSH to grow a group of follicles.  Only one follicle will ovulate but in the beginning of each cycle there are several egg growing and competing to be “the” egg.  These eggs secrete estrogen, which travels to the brain via the blood stream. 

In our teens and twenties, lots of eggs get recruited each month equaling lots of estrogen being registered by the brain.  When estrogen is high it influences our behavior – increasing our desire, connection and libido to have our man’s baby.  After ovulation, estrogen naturally drops and so does our desire to our man.  We can see how estrogen is affecting our behavior and mindset.  When it comes to having a baby, we can feel like there is lots of time because our brain registers our fertility with high levels of estrogen. 


As woman move into her thirties, less eggs get recruited thus less estrogen is secreted.  The brain notices estrogen is starting to be less abundant. Suddenly the brain acknowledges the “lack” of time.  We should be having a baby now type of feeling.

As woman get older, there’s more urgency to the idea of time running out.


This internal subconscious biological response kicks into our instinctual behavior and suddenly time is right in front of us, staring us down.  It creates tension (in the body) and urgency into our thoughts.  We physically feel the clock ticking in our bodies. 

Woman can feel this tension in many places, but the most common place in the center of the chest.  The swirling thoughts can create tension in the head. 


Remember to breathe!!!!  It’s ok to feel the tension and the fear. 

Yet, you have an opportunity to engage with these feelings differently, have a different perspective on things.  You don’t have to live with constant tension and fear. 


How does tension and anxiety change your body?  It creates a stress response – a chronic stress that will erode your fertility of your body, mind and spirit.


Obviously, it all depends on the situation, but the creation of time and removing the huge push/rush can actually improve your fertility.  Creating space for yourself, allows your fertility hormones to be robust and improve your mental wellbeing.

In the next video, I’ll be discussing how you can potentially change your relationship with time.