Surviving Infertility – Video 5, Part 1: Opportunity and Stress on the Fertility Journey

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Video 5 - Discusses the opportunities (such as OPK tests, BBT charting, supplements, drugs, fertility apps) which present along the way to help you conceive and how they create more stress.

Video Two – Chronic Stress and the Fertility Journey

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I thought it would be really interesting to talk about stress from the perspective of fertility. The topic is weighty for women on the fertility journey. Before we delve into the topic, I would like for us to recognize chronic stress triggers are very personalized to each woman. There’s no standard for stress, instead an expansive spectrum exists. Any statements I make are generalized.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the perfect woman. You might find her reacting to the video. She might tell you:

“I should eliminate all the stress in my life.”
“My fertility is destroyed by stress.”
“If […]

The Fertility Journey – Part Three in Series

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What’s causing all this pressure of time? The pressure of time can come from all sorts of places.

In video number one (click here to watch), I talked about the Internal biological clock.  In video number two (click here to watch), I talked about the mental and emotional journey and how that affects our feelings around time. In this video, I’ll be discussing external and internal sources of pressure.

.41 sec

External sources

Internal sources: a woman experiences the pressure of time from […]

The Fertility Journey – Time Part Two

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TIME – How Your Emotions Effect Your Perception of Time

This video is going to be about the influence of your mental and emotional energy on how you feel about time.  

The internal/biological clock is triggered inside of us, creating pressure. Women often respond to the pressure by saying “I’m running out of time to have a baby.”  “I have to do this soon as possible because my fertility might go away.”  Suddenly, time feels it will run out tomorrow.

Truth is, fertility doesn’t […]