Part 2: Men, Depression and Lowered Pregnancy Rates

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Depresion in men Depression in men lowers pregnancy rates.

I believe Western Medicine is ignoring the emotional state of many couples undergoing treatment for infertility.  Read my other article on depression in men.

Western medicine is only starting to understand the physical effects on men undergoing the emotional struggle with infertility. The Mayo Clinic has found headaches, heart disease, digestive problems, fatigue, irritability and low libido are often related to depression in men.  We are only starting to understand the effects of depression on sperm quality.

For many reasons – down playing symptoms, reluctance […]

Poor Sperm Related to Increase of Genetic Disorders in Embryos

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Poor sperm lead to poor embryos quality.

Here’s another study correlating sperm with poor quality embryos. The study group is small. It involved genetically tested embryos (PGS) created from men with low sperm count and motility.

The authors found reduced embryo quality in oligospermia (34%) and oligoasthenospermia (39%).

I do believe we are on the cusp of a big change. For years, women have shouldered the blame of poor quality embryos. Men were seen as untouchable – they could be 70 years old and father a child.

The old school mind set was – the […]

Alcohol and Fertility

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Alcohol, fertility, acupuncture Does alcohol impact fertility?

The most common question I get in my practice – “Will alcohol make my fertility worse?” There’s so much conflicting information about drinking and fertility. Recently I had a client ask me if it was ok to have a glass of wine once a week (the client and her husband love to go out to dinner once a week. My client so enjoys a glass of wine during this special dinner.). I told her to go for it. She looked at me in shock – “really????”.

Now, […]

Antimullerian hormone (AMH) is not an indicator of failure.

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Low AMH Low AMH does not predict live births.

Last month, Fertility and Sterility published a study involving live births from IVF and the measurement of AMH.

What’s great about this study? It’s has a large study population (69,336 women undergoing fresh and frozen embryo transfers). The study clearly found AMH has no impact on lowering live births.

My experience has been that fertility clinics feel AMH can only lead to poor results in IUI/IVF. My observation with women who have been diagnosed with low AMH, they can get pregnant.

The most important concept to remember […]