Stress, Infertility and the Perfect Woman

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Today I’m talking about a topic I’m passionate about – stress and fertility.  Before I start the next series of videos on this topic, I would love to talk about what might come up for you as you watch them.  When you are on the fertility journey, you might find yourself getting triggered by different things and desiring to be “perfect” with all the recommendations that get tossed around. 

You might find yourself saying “I should” …. eat better, work out, meditate, get a massage, take more supplements […]

Fertility, Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diet

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Acupuncture for fertility and wellness Conception rates are not effected by a gluten diet. Try acupuncture and Chinese herbs for fertility.

Fertility and Sterility published an article on a hot topic – does Celiac Disease impact IVF conception rates?

There is little information on the correlation of infertility, miscarriage, gluten free diet and the risk of IgA/Celiac Disease.

The below research article did an amazing job of analyzing the topic of IgA markers/Celiac Disease, gluten free diet and conception rates IVF cycles.

To briefly explain IgA – IgA antibodies are found in the mucous membranes of […]

Antibodies – A potential problem in fertility…. And a bit of a personal ramble.

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Acupuncture to improve fertility and conceiving.

As a person who has been tested and diagnosed with Hashimotos (aka antithyroid peroxidase antibodies), I am aware how little is known about antibodies and NOTHING is known about the treatment of it.

I know, I know…. go gluten free, dairy free, sugar free. I did the everything free diet – my thyroid antibodies never went down and in fact went up. Compounding this huge diet change, my eating life become stressful and barren.

Yes, many people find this diet change a big benefit. If you feel better […]