Surviving Infertility – Video 5, Part 1: Opportunity and Stress on the Fertility Journey

Video 5 - Discusses the opportunities (such as OPK tests, BBT charting, supplements, drugs, fertility apps) which present along the way to help you conceive and how they create more stress.

Video four – “Opportunity” Creating Stress on the Fertility Journey


In video number three, I discussed the idea of a threat as creating stress. Today will be about how opportunity can increase stress.

Opportunity is seen as an advancement or a way to progress our situation.  Opportunities in life are thought to provide positive feelings or outcomes.  What we don’t realize, is often opportunities can create mixed feelings about the decision process creating stress.

Here’s a basic example that conveys all the dynamics:

One common opportunity stressor we are all exposed to – “40% off all clothes on sale” or “buy one get one free”.  These marketing ideas are specifically targeting our instincts […]

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Video three – Understanding a “Threat”


In this video I would like to focus on chronic stress in a different way. I’m hoping it will shed a new light for you.

In the last video, I talked about internal and external stressor and how emotional the fertility journey is.

To give you alternative perspective on stress triggers, we can say stress is caused by a threat or an opportunity to our dreams, hopes and desires. Say what?? An opportunity can be a stressor? Yup.

Let’s start with understanding a “internal threat”.   It is the most predominant and triggering component on the journey.

An “internal threat” is actually not a […]

Video Two – Chronic Stress and the Fertility Journey

I thought it would be really interesting to talk about stress from the perspective of fertility. The topic is weighty for women on the fertility journey. Before we delve into the topic, I would like for us to recognize chronic stress triggers are very personalized to each woman. There’s no standard for stress, instead an expansive spectrum exists. Any statements I make are generalized.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the perfect woman. You might find her reacting to the video. She might tell you:

“I should eliminate all the stress in my life.”
“My fertility is destroyed by stress.”
“If […]